Spring 2019

Barbell Club

Supervised by USAW certified coaches. Our Barbell sessions are perfect for all skill levels. We offer individualized, team and remote programming, tailored to get you the best results possible. The Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and all associated strength lifts are covered. Coaches emphasize safety, technique, and camaraderie, by being engaged and supportive of all lifters.

Open Gym

Outside of our structured and coached classes, Marin Heavy Athletics offers Open Gym to provide spaces for athletes to come in and use to do individualized workouts on their own. There is access to our Barbell Club or Boot Camp programming if desired or complete your own program using our state of the art equipment, with a Certified coach present.

Youth Strength & Conditioning

Our Youth S&C program is a safe introduction for children and teens to strength training. It builds coordination, balance and body control. With a focus on safety and proper technique, we believe in building a strong foundation before adding load. Workouts are fun, encouraging personal responsibility, hard work, and fairness.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp classes offer a more traditional mix of barbell lifts, gymnastic movements and strength, and conditioning exercises. Sessions focus on metabolic conditioning in addition to strength work.


BurnFit classes are an hour long high-intensity aerobic workout that utilizes agility, plyometric, speed, and strength protocols to make you a well rounded and very fit individual. We use free weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.) four our strength work, emphasizing multiplanar movements to balance asymmetries that can arise from other training (running, cycling, etc.)